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Controlling The Real World With Computers

Computer Recycling Sites

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Dogpile Meta Search for Computer Recycling Sites

PEP provides a list of national and state organizations:
PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling


Alachua FreeNet Computer Recycling Program

AnotheR BytE Information Resources


CTCRS (Clean & Tidy Computer Removal Specialists - UK)

The Computer Recycling Center -- Santa Clara and Santa Rosa

C R E C E R Computer Recycling for Education and Community Enhancing -- Request for Equipment Form

Computer Recycling Organizations

Computer Re-use Network

Computers & Education and Computer Recycling Corporation


Ebay search for electronics parts


The Lazarus Foundation


Should Old Computers Go In The Trash Or Recycle Bin? - By Patrick Marshall of The Seattle Times

McConnell Technology & Training Center
a public/private partnership operated by Innovative Productivity, Inc. for the United States Navy. The purpose of the MTTC is to assist individuals and businesses with training and application of advanced technology.


North Coast Computer Recycling


The Ohio Technology Access Project (OTAP)


Patomac Computer Knowledgeway Project Recycling Resources


Share the Technology Computer Recycling Project, A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation -- Computer Recycling Resources

Recycler's World

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