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Ordering Hardware


NOTE: There are no more board kits, assembled boards, bare boards or other kits available. Zip files are still available -- see below.

One very good alternative would be an ISA breadboard, such as the one from Circuit Specialists     It does not have the traces like the board I designed, but it should be pretty easy to mount the components using the instructions.

I get virtually all of my parts from the following:

Digi Key

Jameco Electronics

Mouser Electronics

Texas residents, please don't worry about the tax. I'll pay it (how many times have you seen that?).

The easiest way to order is through PayPal. It also costs less, at least for the first order. PayPal offers $5 just to sign up. That means you effectively get $5 off your first order.

If you would rather order by mail, use the prices in the table and the following address:

Joe Reeder
2401 45th Street #10
Lubbock TX 79412

The following table shows the items offered:

Price US$
Shipping & Handling US$
Total US$
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Zip archive file (10+ meg) of site with free updates. Please read the Notice of Copyright, License and Purchase Agreement first. You are saying you agree to it if you order the zip file. When you get it, just expand it using WinZip, then double click on index.html. A free copy of WinZip can be downloaded here. 8.55 0.00 8.55
Zip Archive of Source Code
About 165K and will be emailed to you.
Note that you do not need this if you get the full site zip offered above.
4.00 0 4.00

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